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Are you dreaming of a dazzling and stress-free holiday season?

Why hassle with your own lighting installation when DIY attempts often become time-consuming, frustrating, and potentially unsafe? Tangled wires, frequent maintenance, safety risks, and climbing on ladders can all be avoided by calling Holiday Light Installers. Our professional, hassle-free service lets you enjoy the holidays without the burden of lighting your home.

Do you really want to hang your own lights?

Tall tree holiday lighting specialists - Leave it to us

Outdoor holiday lighting for big trees in the Bay Area

When it comes to those towering trees on your property – residential or commercial – we're in the game to make them shine like never before. Our process kicks off with a deep dive into every branch and angle of your giant trees. We bring the heavy-duty gear and the know-how to handle these mammoth beauties. From meticulous planning to executing the installation with precision, we're all about turning those trees into holiday beacons. Safety? It's our top priority, especially when dealing with those sky-high branches. We're here to make your property stand out with an enchanting display that'll have everyone stopping in their tracks, soaking up the festive vibes, and spreading the cheer throughout the neighborhood or your business district."

Your Bay Area Holiday Lighting Experts

When the holiday season arrives, Holiday Light Installers is your go-to company for putting up Christmas lights. We bring expertise and creativity to your decorations, making your home shine. Our services save you time, ensure safety, and transform your property into a festive wonderland. Enjoy a stress-free holiday season with professionally installed lights from Holiday Light Installers.

Our team of professionals creates captivating outdoor displays for homes and businesses, offering services like outdoor holiday lighting, custom holiday light design, and transparent pricing.

As your trusted holiday lighting experts in the Bay Area, we handle everything, from gutter and roof Christmas lights installation to eco-friendly LED holiday light installation. Even in winter, we ensure your holiday season remains illuminated.

Make this holiday season extraordinary with Holiday Light Installers. Your wish for a brighter and more memorable holiday season is our commitment.

✔ Custom fit for a tidy look

✔ Insured & Experienced Holiday Lighting Professionals

✔ Outdoor Decor Options (pre-lit garland, wreaths, etc.)

✔ Weather-proof Timers

Why Work With Us?

✔ Elegant LED Tree Wraps (optional)

✔ All material (ext. cords, clips, fasteners, etc.)

✔ Outdoor Decor Options (pre-lit garland, wreaths, etc.)

✔ Removal in January (year-round option available)

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